CBDRevealed Privacy Policy

First and foremost, CBDRevealed.com collects personal information to personalize your experience with our site. The more we collect non-personal data, the more we can present visitors with information and features that will be of interest. The facts you voluntarily provide, along with the computer data stored in your browser “cookie,” are used to make navigation of the website easier and more useful.

We also use user information to measure our success and performance. For example, aggregate information gives us an idea of the number of visitors we attract and how they navigate they site. By collecting information, we can also to learn which pages of our site users find most useful, and to track visitors that may sign up for CBDRevealed.com promotions and contests. The information we collect enables us to contact users with offers and advertisements which may best appeal to them. At times, we may also use the information we collect to notify users of site updates or offers of interest on CBDRevealed.com.

How We Gather Data on CBDRevealed.com Users

We gather information in a number of ways, depending on which page or pages you navigate to on CBDRevealed.com

Sometimes, we simply ask you to provide your name, e-mail address, postal code, and country. Whenever you give this kind of information, it helps us to tailor our content for you. As we do not sell anything of a transactional nature on CBDRevealed.com, our site will never ask you for a credit card information or any personal financial information needed to complete such a transaction.

Wherever we ask you for personal information, we try to include a link to this Privacy Policy for your review.

CBDRevealed.com does not sell, rent or trade your information to other companies.

Our site may link to advertisers, government informational sites, or clinical research sites that may collect personally identifiable information about you when you access them from CBDRevealed.com. This type of collection or use of personal information is beyond the control of CBDRevealed.com and is not covered by this Privacy Policy. We may occasionally need to share your information with business partners who co-sponsor contests or other services. In these cases, we will provide only the data that is needed to make the service or contest successful. If we plan to share this type of information, we will notify you before we collect it. If you do not want CBDRevealed.com to share your information, simply choose not to allow the transfer by not using or signing up for the contest or service in question.

If you do not wish to have any of or you information shared by CBDRevealed.com, simply email us at support@CBDRevealed.com. As we are a non-profit organization with few staff, please be patient when it comes to our response.

Your Agreement to This Privacy Policy

By using CBDRevealed.com, you indicate that you agree to the collection and use of your personal information by CBDRevealed.com as outlined in this Privacy Policy.
Changes to our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. Be sure to visit this page occasionally to find any updates we have made. We are committed to post Privacy Policy changes on this page so consumers can be sure of how CBDRevealed.com is gathering and using information about them. This Privacy Policy was last updated on September 19th, 2017.