The Difference Between Full-Spectrum and Isolate CBD Oil


There are two types of CBD oil on the market. Once is the full-spectrum and the other is the isolate version. What are the specifics and perks of each one?

CBD oil use has been on the rise in recent years. People use this miracle oil to treat and alleviate all kinds of symptoms and conditions. It can be taken in a variety of forms which makes it available to all ages and social groups. What is less discussed is the different types of CBD extracts. A full-spectrum version of the oil is used most often, but an isolated type of CBD also exists. Some people prefer the isolate version for specific reasons. Here are the reasons why one might choose one or the other and what makes them different.

Full spectrum CBD oil is the one that most people prefer and for a good reason. The full-spectrum oil has much more inside of it than pure CBD. As people are asking the question of what type of CBD extract is more effective for them, researchers have dived into the topic of the usefulness for the different types of extracts.

While some people may believe that pure CBD extract is more potent because of the exclusive presence of the molecule, it is actually the full-spectrum cannabis extract that has the more potent effect on the body. This is because the extract of cannabis is much more than just pure CBD.

The full-spectrum extract of CBD has a complex chemical structure with more than 100 compounds other than CBD. These include terpenes which have a potent anti-inflammatory effect. The full-spectrum extract also has other cannabinoids that are not to be underrated as they also have symptom-alleviating properties.

Together with the other compounds in full-spectrum CBD oil, the CBD molecule becomes more potent. In combination, they produce what is known as the entourage effect. This is when different substances have a synergistic relationship and boost each other’s effect.

Some people choose to stick to isolate CBD extracts because they believe that the higher levels of CBD inside the pure CBD formula make it more potent. This does not prove to be the case as studies show that full-spectrum CBD oil has a more potent and a faster effect than isolate CBD.

Another reason some people stick to isolate CBD is because it is the only form that can be taken in by vaping. Because vaping is the most bioavailable form of taking CBD, people prefer to use isolate CBD in vaping so they are sure that the compound acts as fast as possible and is utilized in higher doses by the body.

Unlike CBD isolates, full-spectrum CBD oils can contain some amount of THC. This is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces the ‘high’ effect. Although the levels of these have to be under a certain percent to be sold on the market, some people do not want to risk having this compound in their bloodstream and failing a drug test because of it.

These fears of consumers prove to be highly unlikely as the contents of THC in full-spectrum extracts are minimal. THC in these low quantities is also part of the entourage effect that boosts the healing properties of CBD. The strains from which CBD oils are derived contain very small amounts of THC, so there is nothing to worry about.