CBD Oil : Full-Spectrum vs Isolate


There are two types of CBD oil so it can be difficult to decide which is right for you. Full-spectrum and isolate oils look the same so it can be easy to overlook how different the two actually are. Some don’t even realize that they’re different and purchase their CBD products blindly; without ever realizing that they may be buying entirely different products each time. People who regularly use CBD products often have a strong preference as to which one they prefer so it’s important to understand the differences, benefits, and limitations of both types.


Full-spectrum CBD oil is often the favorite among regular consumers. It is more natural and it goes through significantly less chemical processing than isolate oils. It contains over 100 of the active compounds found in natural hemp. Having all of the active compounds working together causes what is known as the entourage effect. This means that the compounds within the cannabis assist each other in making the oil more effective as a whole. Though this is preferable in most cases, full-spectrum oils do contain a very low level of THC. Though the amount of THC is always below 0.3% and is not psychoactive, it can cause a false positive on a drug test. In the last few years, it was discovered that full-spectrum oils are more effective for a majority of medicinal uses. Because of this, full-spectrum is more commonly used in topical products and oils.


Isolate oils were once considered the optimal choice because they only contain pure CBD with no other active hemp compounds. It goes through multiple rounds of thorough chemical processing in order to isolate the cannabidiol molecule. There are no detectable levels of THC or any other cannabis molecules in these oils which makes isolate oils the better choice for many people who work in industries that have regular or surprise drug testing because these have no risk to triggering a false positive. Many people dislike the smell and taste of cannabis which makes isolate oils preferable because they have little to no taste or smell. Isolate is also available in powder form which makes it easier to dose. This also makes it preferable for capsules and to make edible CBD products such as the gummies that are quickly rising in popularity.

Though it is preferable to try both to see what’s right for you, most people who use CBD oils prefer the full-spectrum. Research in recent years has shown it to be the more effective option in most cases of chronic pain, depression, anxiety, diabetes, and many more medical conditions. While many products are more commonly made with one oil or the other, most products are becoming available in both full-spectrum and isolate forms. Many reliable distributors carry oils, capsules, vaping cartridges, topical creams, and more in both forms. Both oils have their places in the quickly growing industry and only you can decide which oil fits your personal needs best.