CBD Isolate V. Full-Spectrum, the Great CBD Com Debate

How Do CBD Com Companies Differ?


CBD com (commercial) companies have different product formulations. This is largely due to the ambiguity of cannabis laws across the country. When CBD was first coming to the market, there was a lot of worry about whether Federal and state agencies would crack down on the sales if the formulas included even trace amounts of THC. The conservative route to take was simply isolating the CBD into its purest and simplest state. This involved not only stripping the THC from the hemp extract but also isolating the CBD from various other cannabinoid compounds as well as terpenes that add flavors and scents to the hemp plants.

CBD companies are still split in the CBD com industry because they have found it more affordable to continue selling the CBD isolate rather than a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum formula. At first, the studies found that CBD was the optimal product because it not only was free of the controversial psychoactive compound THC, but it also appeared to counteract any psychoactive effects. The isolate also made it easier for CBD companies to ensure the quality, consistency, and potency of the product like other drugs because there was only one scale to measure.

Over time, however, the benefits of CBD made the news and circulated throughout communities based on anecdotal evidence. More studies were also done to determine the effectiveness of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum formulas in comparison with CBD isolate. These studies, including one study in Jerusalem, demonstrated that the full-spectrum has greater health benefits than the isolate alone. The broad-spectrum is a cross of CBD isolate and various compounds found in the full-spectrum formula but may still be missing something. A broad-spectrum extract usually strips the THC completely from the formula rather than leaving the trace amounts found in full-spectrum hemp extracts.

Why Are CBD Companies Still Split on Full-Spectrum Vs. CBD Isolate?

The CBD com business is split because each market has different incentives to reach different types of customers. There are many customers out there who are drug-tested regularly and still afraid of being classified as a drug user if they purchase a full-spectrum product. For these consumers, the CBD isolate products still make sense. And because the CBD isolate products are cheaper, it is easier to obtain them and maintain a steady supply.

CBD companies that sell full-spectrum extracts are appealing to the markets who buy organic and believe in Holistic medicine. The full-spectrum extract appears to be harmless and may have additional benefits over CBD isolate alone. Because the research is still being carried out, it makes sense for full-spectrum CBD users to source out the highest quality medicine. Yet, some people may be sensitive or even allergic to components of the extract.

Either extract can be done by Ethanol or CO2 extraction methods. The CO2 extraction methods do not leave any solvents behind but use special pressurized and temperature-controlled equipment to strip the full-spectrum extract from the hemp plant. The Ethanol process used by some CBD companies produces larger volumes of full-spectrum extract. The extract is then filtered to remove any plant material and may be sorted at high temperatures that force the elements of the extract to fall into different ranges of specific gravity for a separation.