CBD Effects

CBD Effects and Full-Spectrum Oil vs Isolate

CBD Effects

For those of you who are unfamiliar with full spectrum CBD oil vs CBD isolate, allow us to explain. Full spectrum hemp oil is the process of extracting hemp oil along with all of the other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. That means that CBD-oil and over 100 other cannabinoids will be included in the oil. CBD-oil isolate, on the other hand, only contains one cannabinoid, that being CBD-oil. A much more rigorous filtration system is used to extract CBD-isolate. None of the other naturally occurring cannabinoids found within the hemp plant will be present in isolate oil. In total, there are 113 separate cannabinoids within the hemp plant, including CBD.

CBD effects the body in different ways depending on whether or not it comes in full-spectrum or isolate form. Some scientists believe that full-spectrum is a more natural and holistic approach to benefiting from CBD-oil, as taking in all of the cannabinoids will help to maximize the health benefits from the hemp-oil. In other words, when the oil possesses all of its natural compounds it is a far more bioavailable substance for the human body to utilize. The downside to taking full-spectrum hemp oil is that if your employer tests for THC, then you could test positive for the cannabinoid due to trace amounts of it being found in the full spectrum oil.

With hemp oil isolate you know exactly what you are putting into your body, that being the solitary CBD-oil cannabinoid. The downside to taking an isolate, however, is that due to the more vigorous filtration process, some more naturalistic users are afraid that trace amounts of filtration compounds could still linger in the supposedly pure CBD-oil. With government regulation of the CBD-oil industry, it should be noted that isolate contamination is quite rare, especially at the commercial or medicinal level.

CBD Effect Related to Extraction Processes

Thus far, no study has shown any negative CBD effect when taking in the isolate form of the oil. While some people claim that isolate is much less healthy than full-spectrum due to possible extraction or filtration based contamination, there just isn’t any evidence to support that this happens outside of rare occasions. What there is some evidence to support, is the CBD effect from full-spectrum oil has huge health benefits, as the human body is able to process and utilize all of the 113 cannabinoids. The research studies conducted on CBD-oil isolate also show that CBD effects the body in very positive ways, regardless of the fact that only one cannabinoid is present in the oil.


Whether you decide to use full spectrum oil or isolate, what is known for sure is that the CBD effect will be positive. The strong healing, anti-inflammatory, and pain suppressant properties of the cannabinoid will not be diminished in either extraction form. With hemp oil research exploding due to all of the sweeping legalization initiatives worldwide, we can all expect huge discoveries to be made over the coming decades. CBD-oil researchers and scientists are now free to conduct clinical studies on the compound without worrying about damaging their career in the process due to legality issues.