CBD Edibles: Full Spectrum vs CBD Isolate

CBD Edibles

When looking for CBD edibles to buy, you’ve probably seen CDB edibles that were labeled as either full spectrum or CBD isolate. Which one you may want to purchase depends on your needs. As CBD products such as CDB edibles become more popular, it is important that buyers become informed about this matter so they can make an informed choice and get what they need.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD edibles contain not only CBD but many other cannabinoids and terpenes which act together to create a more potent effect from the CBD. This synergy of the various cannabinoids and terpenes with CBD is called the entourage effect. Recent studies have shown that full spectrum CBD products are more effective than CBD isolate products for inflammation treatment and that users of CBD products receive higher amounts of relief from full spectrum CBD products than CBD isolate ones.

To extract CBD and other cannabinoids from cannabis, CO2 is used. CBD is usually extracted from hemp since it naturally contains very low amounts of THC. Pressurized carbon dioxide separates CBD and other related chemicals from the cannabis plant. CO2 cannabis extraction creates a safe product with little to no contaminants. To make an isolate of CBD, the cannabinoids and terpenes which are removed from the cannabis are further refined until pure CBD isolate is left. The fact that full spectrum CBD requires less refining processes than a CBD isolate is definitely a plus.

CBD Isolate

Although full spectrum CBD is more effective than a CBD isolate for treatment, there are various cases where it may be preferable to use a CBD isolate. CBD isolates are CBD in its purest form, so it is best to use a CBD isolate if you are often drug tested since it lacks any other cannabinoids that may make someone test positive on a drug test. Another case in which it would be preferable to use a CBD isolate is if they are looking specifically to increase the amount of CBD they are taking. Lastly, CBD isolate may be the only feasible CBD product to purchase since full spectrum CBD edibles may not be legal in some jurisdictions since they have a very small amount of THC.

Which is best for me?

For the majority of people, full spectrum CBD edibles are the best option. The various cannabinoids together with CBD offer the full benefits of cannabis. This is important because it is, therefore, more effective for treating ailments one may have such as inflammation better than CBD isolate would. In the case of CBD isolate, it is best for special cases in which full spectrum CBD wouldn’t be suitable despite the fact that it is more effective for treatment and relief. If you are drug tested, need a specific amount of CBD or live in an area where it is paramount that a CBD product may not contain THC at all, then CBD isolate is the best option.